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Chinatsu Ikeda


chinatsuikeda (at) gmail (dot) com

Chinatsu Ikeda (b. 1980 in Osaka) is a Japanese artist exploring the intersection of Western and Eastern perspectives through her whimsical fantasy. Drawing from influences ranging from medieval Japanese paintings to the works of artists like Henri Matisse and Paula Modersohn-Becker, as well as Mingei Japanese folk art and woodcuts, she seeks to blend these diverse cultural elements. Limited to just a watercolor set and sketchbook upon moving to Germany in 2018, she found creative inspiration in the simplicity of paper, describing it as 'the most accessible yet profound material.'

Ikeda studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (BFA, MFA) with a focus on drawing and painting. She skillfully merges her Western academic training with her Eastern heritage in her artistic practice. She has exhibited internationally in Japan, the USA, including Green Gallery (WI), Zola-Lieberman Gallery (IL), Fort Gansevoort (NY), Drawing WOW 3 in Austria, and Kunstverein Wolfenbüttel in Germany, among others. Ikeda is an art educator in both Japan and Germany. Currently, she lives and works in Berlin, Germany


2008-2010 School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Masters in Fine Arts, Painting & Drawing, Chicago, IL, USA

2005-2007 School of the Art Institute of Chicago,Bachelors in Fine Arts, Painting & Drawing, Chicago, IL, USA


Solo Exhibitions


2024 Where the Rain Starts, Kunsthalle Hilsbach, Aurach, Bayern

2022 SOWA SOWA Chamber, the micro art space the cell, Berlin

2021 Wunderhaus, Kunstverein Wolfenbüttel, Wolfenbüttel, Lower Saxony, Germany

2019 Rhythmic Stir, UNO Gallery Projekt Raum, Berlin, Germany

2017 Chinatsu Ikeda New Work, A couple’s Counseling, Brooklyn, NYC, USA

2016 Good-Bye Old Friends, Institut fur alles mögliche, Berlin, Germany

2011 Chinatsu Ikeda Works, Nicole Villeneuve Gallery, Chicago, IL, USA


Group Exhibitions


2024 title undecided upcoming in November, HilbertRaum, Berlin

2024 title undecided upcoming in June, Kienzle Art Foundation, Berlin

2024 EVERYONE BUT CASPER!, Künstlerhaus Sootbörn, Hamburg

2022 Drawing Wow 3, Vienna, Austria

2022 The Boundary 5th Anniversary Spectacular, The Boundary, Chicago, USA

2020 !A cloud in a box”,curated by Terry R. Myers, Fort Gansevoort, NYC, USA

2017 Silent Art Auction, Drawing Hub Berlin, Berlin, Germany

2017 Triple Happiness, Project Space Boundary, Chicago, IL, USA

2017 Festival, Gallery works, Osaka, Japan

2017 Night Bloomers, curated by Sean Ward, Compound Yellow, Oak Park, IL, USA

2017 Works on Paper, Gallery UNO, Berlin, Germany

2016 PDF-OBJECTS, MANA Contemporary Chicago, IL, USA

2013 Plant Life, curated by Geoffrey Todd Smith, Western Exhibitions, Chicago, IL, USA

2011 The Questions of their Content, curated by Carly Silverman, Zola/Lieberman Gallery, Chicago, IL, USA

2011 PAINTED, curated by Tyson Reeder, Green Gallery EAST, Milwaukee,WI, USA

2011 Whitney Huston Biennial, Murder Town, Chicago, IL, USA


Artist Residencies


2019 Hilsbach Kunst Kultur e.V, Hilsbach, Bayern, Germany

2016 Institut für alles mögliche, Berlin, Germany

2013 33OC, Toffia, Lazio, Italy

2012 Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, Omaha, NE, USA

2006 Ox-Bow, Saugatuck, MI, USA


Publications / Awards

2024 FLZ Zeitung, Mars “Kunsthalle Hilsbach: Die Regentropfern von Chinatsu Ikeda”

2021 Dez Wolfenbütteler Zeitung, Ein Farbenrausch vertreibt den Novemberblues

2021 Nov Wolfenbütteler Zeitung, Chinatsu Ikeda zeigt ihr Wunderhaus im Kunstverein

2021 Nov Wolfenbütteler Zeitung, Wunderhaus Fenster in eine andere Welt Chinatsu Ikeda

2019 "A suitcase and a pair of scissors; a conversation with Chinatsu Ikeda”, ADF Web magazine

2012 Weiz Family Foundation Fellowship, Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, Omaha, NE, USA

2010 Candidate Nominated for Edes Foundation Prize for Emerging Artists, SAIC, Chicago, IL, USA



2021 Artist Talk with Art historian Jan Phillip Fruehsorge, Wolfenbüttel Kunstverein

2012 Art Talk Lecture, Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, Omaha, NE, USA

2009 Graduate Lecture, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, IL, USA

© 2018 by Chinatsu Ikeda

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