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If a canvas is a window

What kind of world will I see?

Are there many greeny trees?

Is there hopeful light coming in to the window?

Is the scene disastrous?

Can I see monsters?



If a canvas is a moveable window

Where should I put it?

under the sea?

upside down in the forest?

And call it as a reflection?


….let’s put my window right in front of a temple cast in white-moon light

because I think it is romantic.


If a canvas is a door

Should I knock at the door and open it?


Even if I don’t hear any answer from the other side

Should I wait to be invited?


Should I break the lock?


Maybe the door doesn’t open


If there is a day that it is snowing,

Let’s stop painting and say snow is my painting.

The white





the lake

And the corner of the street

Even your breath is white.


Then snow falls onto the door

Door opens



I can paint.



                                                             Chinatsu Ikeda



© 2018 by Chinatsu Ikeda

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